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There was a new driver for the bus on Sesame Street. His first day on the job, he awoke bright and early, went to the garage, got the bus, and set off on his route.

At the first stop there was a chubby little girl waiting for the bus. She climbed the step and got on, and said, 'Hi. My name is Patty.'

The driver replied, 'Hi, Patty. Please take a seat.'

At the second stop there was a second little girl, even chubbier than the first. She got on and said, 'Good morning! My name's Patty.'


The driver answered, 'Good morning. Please sit down.'

At the third stop there was a little boy waiting. He was dressed in a white shirt and tie, and a suit with a vest, and he had a calculator holster on his belt. He said, 'Hi. My name is Ross, and I'm special!'

The driver wasn't impressed, but he managed a smile and said, 'Please sit down, Ross.'

The fourth stop rewarded the driver with a grubby little boy with dirty jeans and torn sneakers. He got on the bus and said, 'My name is Lester Cheese.'

The driver replied, 'Please take a seat, Lester.'

Well, he's driving along and he looks in his rear-view mirror and sees that Lester Cheese has taken off his sneakers and is scratching at his foot. The driver pulls the bus over to the side of the rode, stops it, and says,

'I can't take this any longer! I've got


two obese Patties,
special Ross,
Lester Cheese picking bunions
on a Sesame Street bus!