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Obamacare is getting the blame for destroying a lot of jobs, but give credit where it’s due: the new health care law is also creating a slew of high-paying jobs – for Washington lobbyists. And here’s the really infuriating news: the Hill newspaper reports that more than 30 former Obama administration officials, congressional staffers and even Congress members who helped write and pass the Obamacare bill have set up shop in DC as health care lobbyists, to help their clients dodge the harm that’s being wrought by their own creation. You see, the Obamacare bill itself was nearly 2,000 pages, but those were mostly orders to create thousands more laws and rules and regulations. That offers all kinds of opportunities for a well-connected lobbyist to get loopholes inserted to benefit his clients. And the clients will pay handsomely, because the savings could be huge. Delta Airlines announced that they expect Obamacare mandates to raise their health care costs by a hundred million dollars next year.

It’s no wonder the selfless public servants who gave us Obamacare aren’t worried about what it will do to our health care or our insurance costs. They’re making sure that they’ll always be able to afford the best doctors money can buy.